Agenda & Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Annual Agenda

April Critique E-Week Activities
Prepare Letters of Appreciation
Determine E-Week Expenses
Prepare Current Year Budget
Define Desired Current Year Programs
June Select/Confirm Committee Chairs
Approve Current Year Budget
Initiate Search for E-Week Banquet Speaker
August Determine Lead E-Week Society
Book Facility for E-Week Banquet
Initiate Contact with Mall for Displays
Develop E-Week Banquet Speaker Short List
September Confirm Banquet Facility
Initiate E-Week Banquet Guest Invitations
Continue Speaker Selection Process
October Select E-Week Banquet Speaker
Identify Public Relations Activities
November Design Banquet Flyer/Include Speaker Bio
Prepare Guest Invitations
Identify Banquet Cost and Meal Options
Confirm Banquet Speaker and Topic
Contact Midlands Business Journal (MBJ) and Omaha World-Herald (OWH) Regarding Supplements
Initiate Activities to Provide Content for MBJ and OWH Supplements
December Initiate Proclamation Requests:
  • Phone contact followed by fax
  • Notification of dates, times, locations
Issue Banquet Flyers to Participating Societies
Distribute Banquet Invitations
Request Donations from Societies
Draft Banquet Program Ceremonies
A/V Equipment for Banquet
Send Out Inquiries Regarding Mall Displays
January Attend Proclamation Signing
Initiate PR Activities
Issue Banquet Flyers
Finalize Banquet Program
Finalize Mall Display
Finalize Content for MBJ and OWH Supplements
February Initiate E-Week Mall Displays
Finalize Speaker Accommodations
Collect Banquet Funds
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